Our Switched Reluctance Drive is an innovative high efficient drive system suitable for traction variable speed applications. This new drive system has the advantages of AC and DC drives and overcome their disadvantages namely brush maintenance in DC drives and low starting torque AC drives.

The switched reluctance motor (SRM) is a type of stepper motor that runs by reluctance torque.


It is a next-generation adjustable speed electric drive. In contrast to well-known common DC motor types, Switched Reluctance Motor have “toothed” stator and rotor, and have neither windings nor permanent magnets in the rotor. Another uniqueness of SRM is that power is delivered to the stator. As electric power is not provided to a rotating member, the mechanical design is therefore simplified and hence lowering manufacturing cost.

Due to the absence of copper windings in the stator, the copper losses are zero. Highly advanced electronic switching circuits are used for the efficient control of SRM operation. The power by weight and torque by weight ratios of SRM are way higher than those of traditional DC motors. Eddy Current Controls are the prominent manufacturers of SRMs in India. Decades of relentless research and development was invested in developing ECC SRMs. ECC SRMs feature high energy efficiency and can serve for a long-range of applications. Some of which are:

  • Electrical vehicles: ECC SRMs are ideal for EVs as it dramatically reduces the load on the battery systems and hence increases driving range.
  • General machinery: Ceiling fans, water pumps, compressors can effortlessly adopt the use of ECC SRMs.
  • Food mixing machinery
  • Presses: ECC SRMs are suitable for many types of mechanical presses, including screw presses
  • Textile machinery: including Rowel looms, Rapier looms, etc.
  • Machine tools: vertical lathes, planers, drilling machines
  • Lifting machines: conveyors, lifts, winches
  • Plastic manufacturing: injection moulding machines, extrusion machinery etc.