Switched Reluctent Motor (SRM) is a special type of motor and is gaining wider popularity among variable speed drives. This is due to their simple, low-cost construction characterized by an absence of magnets and rotor winding, with high level of performance over a wide range of speed, and fault-tolerent power stage design. The torque is produced by varying the field reluctance and syncronizing the energization of the phase with respect to the rotor position from the encoder. Special type of controls is use for this purpose.


EDDY SRM been Developed after prolonged Studies and research work done on Srm with Eddy Current Dynobrake Loading Arrangement. We hope that this equipment will be most suitable for your laboratory studies and research purposes. SR motor drive with Dynobrake system will ba a new introduction to the engineering scholars and faculties of postgraduate and Undergraduate level.

Dynobrake system is one of the advanced type of motor loading technique widely used in research laboratories and industrial testing. The system works with the principle of Eddy current magnetic braking. The dynobrake is coupled with the SRM and Hence motor Loading can be done linearly. Load Cell is used for the calculation of torque. Data's measured is used to control the system are displayed through LCD. Buttons are enabled for Varying the speed of motor and magnetic braking.

What are The Features?

  • SRM with Dynobrake System control using Programmable IC driven Power MOSFET circuite
  • Simple and accurate measurement of input motor voltage and current and Display of instantaneous
  • Very wide Speed range (0-1800rpm at no load).
  • High Starting Torque and detailed summary report at the end of the experiment.
  • Precise motor loading by Eddy Dynobrake.
  • Accurate Torque is measurent using Load Cell (0-10kg).
  • Auto Motor Protection for over current, voltage imbalance and high temperature.
  • Reduced Vibration and acoustic noice at higher operating frequency (2kHz)