EDDY HYPERLOOP is a new form of high speed transportation
Developing appropriate cutting edge technologies
comparable to the best in the world through sustained efforts
Design consultancy for SR motor by professor peter lawrence
from leeds ,UK
Country leader of Variable Speed Drives in India
since 1971
Switched reluctance motor drives are controlled by synchronizing the energization of the motor phase with the rotor position.
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With vast industrial experience, we are involved in offering a wide range of Switched Reluctance Motor Controller. Microcontroller based SRM drive can be used to achieve a wide variety of control objectives.
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Dynodrive consists of Eddy Current Clutch coupled to a prime mover (usually a 3 phase Squirrel cage Induction Motor).There is no direct coupling between the Motor Shaft and the O/P Shaft.
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Eddy Current Controlers | INDIA

EDDY CURRENT CONTROLS (INDIA) LIMITED is a Public Limited Company established in the year 1971. We pioneered the manufacture of Eddy Current Variable Speed Drives and related control systems in India in collaboration with M/s Yaskawa Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. The Company has manufacturing facilities at Chalakud



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Our Collaborators

Yaskawa Electric Company ,Tokyo Japan for manufacture of variable speed EDDY CURRENT DRIVES with sophisticated control system.
Lambda international ,France for industrial microwave oven
Brush elecricals (Hawker siddeley Group),U.K for motor controls.

Eddy current variable speed drives “Dynodrive” Is the ideal solution for precise speed and torque control. Dynodrive variable speed drives are adjustable speed drive packages combining in a common frame a TEFCflange mounted 3 phase induction motor and a self ventilated eddy current clutch of a compatible rating housed in a guarded enclosure.
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The driving member is the Prime Mover to which an Electro Magnetic drum is fitted such that when the Prime Mover rotates
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In view of the depletion of fossil fuels, alternate modes of transport were discussed at various for an including the use of CNG,LPG, Methanol etc
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Most of the metro trains around the world run at a maximum speed of 80-100km/hr
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Awards and Achievements

Eddy added one more feather to its cap by introducing Switched Reluctance Drives.
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Eddy introduced India's First indigeneously developed electric car "LOVE BIRD"
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