Electical machine can broadly classified into 2  catagories on the base of how they produce torque. 1.Electromagnetically 2.By variable reluctance. The machine which produces motion by second category us named as SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MOTOR .Motion is produced as a result of variable reluctance in the gap between rotor and stator.Switched reluctance motor drives are controlled by synchronizing the energization of the motor phase with the rotor position.


KW RANGE          :UP TO 7.5 KW

SPEED RANGE     :(0-1500),(0-3000),(0-18000)RPM

EFFICIENCY         :80 TO 90%


  • Very wide speed range
  • High starting torque
  • Can operate at very high speed of the order of (8000-18000)RPM.
  • Powerful generator and breaking action.
  • Intelligent feature



  • Simplest of all electric  machine.
  • Efficiency is high while comparing with other machines in its category.
  • Suitable for high temperature, high vibration and dusty environments.
  • Extra robust.
  • Minimum maintanance.
  • Suitable for traction application like electric material handling equipments.
  • Microcontroller based fast responding controller.
  • Both AC and DC operation.