In view of the depletion of fossil fuels, alternate modes of transport were discussed at various for an including the use of CNG,LPG, Methanol etc. In the Rio De Genero convention, it was emphasized to promote the use of Electric Vehicles as alternate means of transport which were eco-friendly to a large extent.We designed and developed a totally indigenous Electric Two seater car which passed out as roadworthy from VRDE  Ahmednagar.

The drivetrain used was a 5HP DC Series Motor powered by a rechargeable lead acid battery pack of 36VDC 150AH. The speed is controlled through a Mosfet chopper and a transmission is used for torque multiplication to negotiate the gradient up to 15 deg.The maximum speed attained was 50Kmph and the range was 44Km/charge with a charging time of 6/8 hours. We had sold about 25 cars to various institutional buyers and individuals and the project suffered due to the many fiscal/legislative support measures which were withdrawn.


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