Most of the metro trains around the world run at a maximum speed of 80-100km/hr, with Eddy Hyperloop System you can go at speeds several times this speed and the system could achieve a top speed of 1200km/hr.

  Imagine Eddy Hyperloop System is established connecting two major Indian cities for example between Delhi and Mumbai. There will be a station at Delhi and Mumbai. Then you could travel from Delhi to Mumbai within an hour, which will take usually hours when other means of transport such as car or train is used. Several stations along the way will be possible with splits in the tube. When compared to Airplanes the energy required per passenger is very less for Hyperloop still it can offer high-speed transportation.


   At present, the freight transportation methods are slow and not efficient.
Eddy Hyperloop System can be used to transport cargo at high speed economically without any delay.
Thus it can be applied for high-speed cargo offloading in seaports.


Eddy Hyperloop System is best suited for a high-speed transportation service operating to and fro over a short route.

Eddy Hyperloop Shuttle services can be implemented in :

Airports: For moving passengers to desired terminals in the airports within a short period of time. Also, the system can be used to transport passengers to outside the Airport premises for availing other means of transport such Bus, Train, and Car.

Industries: Eddy Hyperloop System enables high-speed goods movement inside large industries which speed production to several times.


   Eddy Hyperloop System is suitable for transporting defense equipment.
It is suitable for transporting ammunitions and missiles safety to desired sites.


   Mining involves transporting a large amount of material from mining site to processing plant thus Hyperloop can play a huge role in reducing transportation time in this sector.

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